About us

Safir  Arms  Group of Companies  consists of Safir Arms Industry and  Trade Co. Ltd. ,  Safir Arms Foreign  Trade Co. Ltd.  (Turkey)  established in 2005 and Safir Arms LLC. (USA) established in 2010. 
Safir Arms has been established in 2005 with 2 factory buildings and more than 100 workers in İstanbul-Turkey. We have been one of the leading arms manufacturers and exporters of Turkey with our 20 years of experience in the arms sector.
We are  manufacturing 36 (410) caliber, unrifled and ungrooved semiautomatic T 14 hunting guns in Turkey which are similar in shape and mechanism to AR-15  223 Remington guns. This gun consists of 240 pieces and all of these parts are being manufactured in our factories in Turkey.
T 14 shotgun's prototype has been created  after a rather long research and development process. Its patent and trademarks belong to Safir Arms , Turkey. It has been tested under various and vigorous  weather conditions and after a  process which took 2 years, finally T-14 hunting shotgun has been presented to the market and it was a direct hit with 15.000 shotguns around the world in 3 years. We have finished the R&D and created the prototypes on our rifled and grooved  rifles T 15 and  T 16  and also some other different models with the same results on our minds.
We have  participated in  IWA fairs in Nurnberg-Germany, EXA in Italy , ADIHEX in Abu-Dhabi in Unıted Arab Emirates and  Shotshow in USA and  several  gun dealers  shows in USA also.
 75 % of our production is  being sold to the domestic Turkish market, remaining 25 % is being exported to USA, European Union (mainly Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain), all Latin American countries; as well as  some Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Lebanon and  Jordan, and some Far Eastern countries  such as India, Tailand and New Zealand. We recently entered the CSI and Turkic Republics market by exporting to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.We are working to Export to Russian Federation too.
Safir Arms begin its production and entered the Turkish market in 2007 and began exports in 2008. In May 2008 the samples sent to ATF were found appropriate in accordance with the American sports gun Standard  exports to the USA began.
Safir Arms decided to establish its own system in USA in 2010. Carefully making some feasebility studies and scouting tours in the New York area, which is the industry and transportation hub of  East Coast of USA, Safir  Arms   established her American company Safir Arms LLC, in Fort Lee, NJ .
Feeling the need for a good factory building close to  NY but also close to the techological and  mechanical sectors far more refined and developed in Pensylvania, Safir Arms opted to establish her factory in a a multi-capacity building in Willingboro, Burlington County,NJ  one hour away both from NY City and Philadelphia.
We are glad to inform  that SAFIRARMS LLC. will be operational by 2011  in Willingboro, NJ.
We hope to serve you better in the States with our own import and dealing system and our service, parts and guarantee section.
We shall also be producing T 15 (our .223 cal. semiauto model)  T 16 ( full auto  military and law enforcement version) and T 22 (our .22 rimfire model) in addition to Safir T 14 and its upper receivers.
We have plans to add .308 and 5.7 models to our armory in the very near future.
We also have in the works a 12 gauge  model on the .308 platform for the very near future.
Our Vision
Combining human ingenuity with  high technology to create the most efficient  defense industry products at better costs is our vision. In order to keep this vision fresh we are always researching  new projects and focusing on new research and development  activities on different types of arms. Safir T 14 shotgun and it's rifled and grooved  models  T 15 and 16  are typical samples of this activity. We are very efficient in R&D which is headed by  Safir’s Director General and prototypes of different caliber of guns that we are ready to produce. Unfortunately the Turkish Gun Law and Legislation does not permit Turkish private sector companies to produce  rifled and grooved long barreled guns and rifles evEn under the controlled conditions directly for export. 
Safir Arms  Group of Companies is an establishment  based  on  well established human resources that have   deep rooted experiences in the Turkish technical and arms sector for more than 20 years.
Our Mission
Considering our domestic and international market demands, we are concentrated on  producing different  grooved and un grooved rifles that may not only increase our sales but also will be a gain to our local industry.
Manufacturing rifles and defense equipment  with the highest  technology available,  comforming with the world and NATO standards by excellent  quality control and quality assurance systems like AGAP 120 and ISO 9000 and using CNC machines having 1/50000 mm. tolerance  levels, add more value to our products.
T 14 shotgun's prototype has been created of 240 pieces after a rather long research and development process. It has been tested under various and vigorous  weather conditions and after a  process which took 2 years, finally T-14 hunting shotgun has been presented to the market. We are working on our rifled and grooved  T 15 and  T 16  and also some other different models with the same results on our minds.